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Tools for Mending — Cloth Nappy Service  in Parap, NT
We provide a door to door nappy rental service that is cost effective, environmentally friendly and a great alternative to the disposable nappy. Our available options include DIY washing, rental or buy.

The modern cloth nappy is shaped like a disposable nappy with built in water proofing and a pocket to insert the biodegradable liners that soak everything up. There is also a double layer of elastic gussets around the legs to stop any leaks.


Eco Friendly Solution

Eco Friendly — Cloth Nappy Service  in Parap, NT

At Darwin Cloth Nappies NT we want to be part of a sustainable solution

We believe we are doing that with our reusable cloth nappy services .
I asked many Mothers why they preferred to use disposables over and above traditional cloth nappies, there were 2 main reasons they gave:

  • Washing is a hassle.
  • Cloth nappies are expensive.

We have an eco friendly solution that makes using cloth nappies easy and cost effective.

Why Choose Us?

Get That Fit — Cloth Nappy Service  in Parap, NT

At Darwin Cloth Nappies NT

We supply modern cloth nappies and provide a pick up, wash, assembly and delivery service that makes the whole process very simple.
Here are 10 awesome reasons to choose us:

  • EVERYTHING you need is included
  • It’s easy & we offer door to door service
  • Great way to introduce you to the modern cloth nappy
  • Have your laundry done for you
  • Nappy assembly is done for you – you are ready to go
  • Safe, comfy and soft for your baby’s skin
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Super cost effective & won’t break the bank – budget & volume choices are available
  • Our modern cloth nappy is super cute & one size fits all - 3.5kg-16kg
  • No longer a need to make those last minute, late night dashes to the shops for nappies

At Darwin Cloth Nappies NT we have the solution.

Washing is what we do best, and have you seen the new modern cloth nappy?

Cloth nappies are not what they used to be, which was hard to use, messy and leaky with big dangerous pins. Fast forward to today, we now have the Modern Day Cloth Nappy. These are shaped like a disposable nappy, with waterproofing built in. They have a special pocket where you insert biodegradable liners to soak it all up, and a double layer of elastic gussets around the legs to stop any leaks.
With over 800 million tonnes of disposable nappies going into landfill around Australia each year, it is time to reduce our carbon footprint on the world, one nappy at a time. Using cloth nappies does not have to be an all or nothing choice. Even just reducing your disposable usage by using one cloth nappy a day is a positive step in the right direction.

While we cannot compare the cost of our nappies to the price of the home brand disposables that big supermarkets can sell for, we do work out to be incredibly cost effective at around *60c per nappy under our rent and wash package. Best of all we are eco-friendly and will not produce waste that will take 100’s of years to break down.

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