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FAQ — Cloth Nappy Service  in Parap, NT

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Find out more about the benefits of making the switch from disposable nappies to our easy, convenient and eco friendly cloth nappy supply and cleaning services.

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What are your nappies made of?
We have sourced one of the best manufacturers. They are not designer brand but that are cute and practical, the outer layer is water proof breathable fabric (PUL), the inner is super soft bamboo based bacteriostatic material.
How do you wash the nappies?
What if there is poop on the nappies?
How often do you collect nappies?
What about the smell?
When do I get my clean nappies returned?
How many nappies do I get on the rental program?
Do I get to keep the nappies at the end of the rental agreement?
How long does the rental programme go for?
Where do I leave my laundry bag on collection day?
What if I forget to leave my laundry bag out?
How does the cost compare to disposables?
What about nappy rash?
Do you have gift vouchers?